Pete Balciunas

Owner and Founder of Wingman Studios

Pete has participated in both sides of the music industry from playing performing to recording and mixing for over 30 years. Pete helped build multiple studios in Southern California working with many great artists. Pete is versed in music production and artist development and understands the changes in the music industry to help up-and-coming musicians and songwriters to maximize new opportunities. Pete now lives in Melbourne Florida where he has accumulated a variety of analog and digital recording gear to put together a commercial hybrid studio servicing Brevard County and beyond.

Pete has performed and recorded with the following musicians:

Tre Balfor: Percussion: Color Me Badd)

Bobby "O" (Guitar: Ike Turner)

Alfi Silas (Vocalist: The Lion King)

Greg Kellogg (Pedal Steel: Pure Prairie League)

Daniel Brisbois (Vocalist: Niece on "Archy Bunkers Place") The Drifters (50's & 60's Vocal Legends)

The Coasters (50's & 60's, Vocal Legends)

The Del Aires (Formerly: The Legends Rock and Roll Reveiw Show) Cheri Keaggy (Phil Keaggy's Niece)

Mercy River - Brainstorm Recording Artists on Word Records

Hope Crusade 96 & 97

Weekly Worship Leading the last 30 years

Converge / Submerge Youth Events

Worship Leading for Christian Camps

Worship Leading for Christian Retreats

Worship leading and 10 churches.

Tommy Walker (Make It Glorious) LA Release

Modern Levi - new direction

Butch and Sundance: pop country

Pete is a professional audio / video live and recording engineer and has worked on projects with:

Frank Garnbale G.R.P. Recording Artist

Tony McAlpine - Guitar Player Magazine

The Drifters - Atlantic Records

Mercy River - Brainstorm Recording Artists on Word Records The Brave - Pakaderm Recording Artists on Word Records Stage Dolls - Polygram Recording Artists

Duane Clark - ASAPH Recording Artists

A Sight Unseen - Word Records

Sons of the San Juaquin - Warner Western The Jackson Family - Light Records

J.J. Jackson - Atlantic Records

John French - Demon Records (England)

Out Of Eden – Word Records

Buddy Grecko Big Band

Albert Lee (Nashville legend)

Jay Leach (Guitar: L.A. Session Player)

Richie Garcia (Percussion: L.A. Session Player) All 4 One (Pop Superstars)

East West

Slick Shoes

Beau William (TBN Gospel Star)

Jeff Fenholt (TBN Music Star Former Black Sabbath Lead Vocalist, Jesus Christ Superstar) The Tripp Family (TBN Music Stars)

The Jackson Family

Jennifer Batten (Guitarist for Michael Jackson)


Burt Reynolds (smokey and the bandit)

Jamie Farr (MASH)

Ann Francis (B Film Acclaim)

William Atherton (Ghost Busters)

Beverly Garland (Seventh Heaven)