Live Audio and Studio Consultation Plus Test My Mix

Live Audio and Studio Consultation Plus Test My Mix

Test My Mix Service

Are you wondering if your mix is translating? Do you find your mixes are to bass heavy, thin, or brittle on the high end? Are your mixes narrow? Are your mixes flat? These are common issues when mixing at home or mixing in the box. Bring your mix to Wingman Studios to see if your mix is suffering from the list of symptoms just mentioned. Mix testing provide an opportunity to hear in a neutral environment as well as receive solution based instruction to help solve any mix challenges. Test through Focal Shape Twins with Focal Sub6, Tannoy passive with vintage Crown 300, Lynx Mastering Converters.

Audio consultation for studio and live sound reinforcement.

For any type of event that includes a PA system, sound becomes the most important communication tool for that gathering. Whether it be a concert, a house of worship or live spoken word, if the PA is not functioning or is set up improperly, the audio will make or break the event. When it comes to PA systems, prevention is the best medicine to confirm that your live event will go off without a hitch. Wingman studios is here to help with over 30 years of audio experience to troubleshoot your PA system and even offer on-site audio workshops to help volunteers or those who are new to live audio. Give us a call. We can help. 321-536-2067.

Make your next event shine with a properly working PA.

Do you want to create a home studio for songwriting and practice? Do you want to move beyond in the box recording? Do you have music gear and you don't know how it works? Do you want the best sounding music out of your studio? We are here to help. Give us a call 321-536-2067.

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