I Am Music Experience

Some people say the music industry is dead, this is not true. The industry of music has just changed. Wingman Studios believes that music is not something we do, but something we are. We also believe in educating and helping people interested in music from the technical side of engineering, writing, arranging, marketing, promoting, licensing, and performing. I Am Music is a hands-on learning environment that includes workshops in all of these areas. Another part of I Am Music includes recording experience workshops giving musicians an opportunity to record with a live band, other musicians, and recording enthusiasts. Experience the challenge and reward of recording music at a fraction of the cost of normal studio time.

Wingman recently hosted an amazing experience with music students that we like to call The Wingman Recording Workshop. At this workshop five students from Wickham Road Music spent two days in our studio recording original pieces to proudly display their work and learn more about the industry they dream to be in for the rest of their lives.

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