Live Band Multi-tracking

Live Band Multi-Tracking

A good recording desk is designed to do one thing and that is to make great music. There are small hinges that swing big doors when it comes to recording. In the digital age of DAW’s, timing issues have negative effects on performance due to latency in monitoring when plugging directly into an audio interface or a stand-alone modular analog front end. This might not seem like a big issue until you lay down multiple tracks and realize you're missing punch and that those performing the recorded tracks are subconsciously making up for the latency in their playing. This will kill the groove and the pocket of whatever you're recording.

With a recording desk, you can monitor with 0 latency giving the performers the opportunity to hear themselves and the tracks in real time. Also the overall sound of each individual’s instrument, sounding as good as it can at the time of the recording, creates motivation to perform even better which gives you the maximum overall performance. There is a reason why for many years recording desks are the center of the recording studio. Their high quality signal chain and their ability to route seamlessly makes them worth their weight in gold. Wingman Studios has a 52-channel integrated modular recording desk that allows for seamless multi-tracking of multiple musicians.

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