Music Demo And Production Services

Music Demo And Production Services

Are you looking for a clean vocal track to add to the music you're producing at home?

Wingman offers professional outboard gear including pre amps and hardware compression with Mogami cabling running either to master tape or digital with professional analog to digital conversion.

 Do your vocal tracks sound thin? Are your vocals lackluster? Wingman can help! We use professional microphones and isolation techniques to maximize your vocal performance. Do you need voice overs for commercials or a professional sounding Podcast? Wingman can help produce the content you need to get the attention you’re looking for.  

If you come to the studio prepared, it is possible to quickly track your vocals In a short period of time. This means you achieve high quality tracks for a minimal price. Allow Wingman Studios to help produce vocal tracks that you can be proud of. Wingman studios is capable of Recording audio books as well. Are you struggling putting the music together for the new song he wrote? Wingman can help record and produce the music for your next great idea.


Interested in taking your first steps towards self expression? Contact us below!